About Erik

20anivphotomillcreek43x7dropped_imageErik Weber’s photographic career began in San Francisco during the ’60’s as he began documenting the music, institutions and players of a changing society.  His photos began appearing in magazines, book and album covers, such as Richard Brautigan’s Trout Fishing in America, Chuck Berry and The Blues Project, and The San Francisco Mime Troupe, among others.

  In 1967, at age 27, travel beckoned and he left for a 3 year sojourn in Asia, a journey that deepened his relationship with his camera.  Traveling the unbeaten paths of rural Japan and India he immersed himself in the culture and the native people’s lives, capturing the experience on film.  Upon his return to the States the resulting photographs were shown at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art to much acclaim, and some remain among its permanent collection.

  In the ensuing years his resume swelled with various grant projects, more book covers for Brautigan, and album covers – Santana, Bonnie Raitt and Charles Brown perhaps the best known of these.  He was the House Photographer at Slim’s of San Francisco from ’88-’91, one of the Country’s most popular music venues, where some of his work still graces the walls.

  In 1996 he and his wife Sally left the City behind and moved to the mountains of Plumas County.  In Indian Valley he found an area rich with beauty, tradition and history, ripe for documenting, which is his true calling as a photographer.  There they reside to this day.